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Whether you're looking for commercial or residential security services, we render the services you need with total diligence. Our company is based on the fundamental values of teamwork, transparency, trust and innovation to our entire client database. We offer high quality security services that will meet all your requirements.

All of our Security Guards are highly trained and SIA licensed professionals and they have a wealth of experience in providing security guarding services in a whole range of different situations and environments. As each assignment is unique to the client’s bespoke requirements all our operatives will work in full compliance of the client’s instructions / needs. Our operatives will not only prevent theft from the site and protect your assets but also the site itself due to the huge rise in trespasser incursions on open / vacant land.

Our Security Guards can be utilised in a whole range of different service areas including but not limited to

  • Vacant site security
  • Retail and business car parks
  • Industrial and commercial sites
  • Residential property
  • Access control on your site
  • Events and festivals

We also specialise in the use of canine security, again there are a range of services here but the main ones are the use of dogs for patrolling sites, guarding vacant property or responding to incidents / alarm call outs. As well as the highly trained “enforcement” dogs, we also offer a service for sniffer / detection dogs for use at events or festivals or even for security spot checks. Detection dogs are typically trained to be able to locate drugs, explosives, firearms and money. All our detection dogs undergo intensive training in order that they can operate at the highest level but very discretely to not intimidate the public.

If you would like further information on our security services or a bespoke quote then please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly.


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