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Residential Tenant Evictions

Being a landlord can be tough at times, and we understand that. Hopefully, you don't have to go through the tenant eviction process, but it's likely, as a residential landlord, that at some point you will need to go through the tenant eviction process and we do our best to ensure it's as painless as it can be.

In order to evict your tenant, there is a legal procedure you will need to follow to take possession of your property.

Once your Possession Order is obtained, you will need help transferring it to the High Court for enforcement purposes through our Principal Officer Simon Williamson, before obtaining a High Court Writ of Possession and evicting your tenant.

Residential tenant evictions London is a service that helps to remove the unwanted tenant from your property. It's not an easy task, but it can be essential and necessary if you want peace of mind regarding your rental property. The residential tenant eviction process can be very complicated, and missing one small detail could potentially lead to your eviction being invalid or illegal. 

If your tenant is in arrears of rent, causing a nuisance, damaging the property or just refusing to leave – then we can help you. Our tenant eviction service is backed up by our team of experienced tenant eviction specialists who make sure that you are treated with the utmost respect. Our skilled, professional tenant eviction bailiffs know how to resolve any situation - large or small - and they do it in a way that makes your life easier as we understand all too well what living through an unpleasant tenancy can be like.

Fast, Effective Evictions

You will need to get permission to enforce your Possession Order in the High Court, then immediate action can be taken for fast and effective eviction of your tenants.

High Court Bailiffs

High Court Enforcement Agents are able to enforce High Court Writs of Possession.

Money Recovered Too!

We can recover monies owed to you too, providing this is added to your Court Order when making an application.

Professional certificated Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) with full nationwide coverage

With years of experience evicting residential tenants, our private tenant eviction bailiffs follow the professional legal processes to ensure successful eviction of your tenant.

Once you have a possession order, you can make an application to transfer it to the High Court for enforcement purposes. Your tenant will be made aware of this request to transfer it to the High Court, giving them the opportunity to move out.

Once permission is granted, you will need help transferring it to the High Court and to obtain a High Court Writ of Possession, which can be enforced to evict your tenant from your property.

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