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 Professional certificated Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) with full nationwide coverage.

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Our Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) provide a range of enforcement services including residential tenant evictions, squatter and traveller evictions and money judgment enforcement.

We offer a range of enforcement services designed to execute your judgements flawlessly. Our team of skilled Bailiffs (Enforcement Agents) are experienced at carrying out orders quickly and effectively, ensuring that you receive the money or assets that you're rightfully owed. We understand that the enforcement process can be stressful, so our Bailiffs (Enforcement Agents) do everything in our power to make it as seamless as possible for our clients.

Squatter eviction Bailiffs (Enforcement Agents) can transfer the enforcement your Possession Order and help you quickly and easily evict squatters from your property.


High Court Enforcement Agent can assist you with the enforcement of a Possession Order to evict your tenant and regain possession of your property.


Our highly-trained Bailiffs (Enforcement Agents) will help you evict travellers from your open land in a proven and effective manner.


Our Bailiffs (Enforcement Agents) offer a fast and effective commercial lease forfeiture service so instruct us today and you'll soon have your commercial tenant evicted.


High Court Enforcement Agents are able to recover your money by enforcing your County Court Judgment in the High Court.


Recovering commercial rent arrears is a specialist service for South East Enforcement's Bailiffs (Enforcement Agents) so we'll have your rent arrears recovered in no time.

Whether you're looking for commercial or residential security services, we render the services you need with total diligence.


At South East Enforcement we appreciate the importance of accurate intelligence. Whatever the stage of your dispute or litigation it is imperative that you are making the key decisions based on comprehensive and precise information.


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