Intelligence and Investigation Services

At South East Enforcement we appreciate the importance of accurate intelligence.

Intelligence and Investigation Services

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Intelligence and Investigation Services

At South East Enforcement we appreciate the importance of accurate intelligence.

Whatever the stage of your dispute or litigation it is imperative that you are making the key decisions based on comprehensive and precise information.

Our operatives have learned the importance of this fact whilst conducting operations against organised crime gangs and terrorists around the world.

We can provide all of the resources that you require to take as many variables out of the equation as possible and no matter how small or large your requirement for information, we can handle it.

It is now our mission to provide you with a high quality, confidential, professional and ultimately effective service.

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Our Services

Our operatives have conducted operations and investigations into the following areas, on a world-wide basis.

Fraud Investigation

The victims of fraud are often left without an adequate response from government organisations.

Our team comprises of individuals who have experience in financial fraud investigation, law enforcement and forensic accountancy. This experience and wide network of contacts with investigatory bodies and law enforcement departments around the globe enhances their ability to act successfully on your behalf.

We provide investigative support to lawyers, companies and individuals alike.
The firm’s investigative expertise has also identified fraudsters’ assets in the United Kingdom which have subsequently been frozen and confiscated. Working in conjunction with some of the foremost UK fraud and litigation lawyers we have identified and recovered significant proceeds of crime and returned them to their lawful owners.

We specialise in a multi-agency approach to develop the investigation and gather all available evidence, before identifying and liaising with the correct government to ensure that your fraud is taken seriously.

Recent successes include the identification and prosecution of a money launderer and an overseas ‘boiler room’ investment fraud team and research, investigation and asset identification conducted on behalf of the victims of a nationwide £30m property investment fraud.

If you have any questions about any of the above services, please do not hesitate to contact us all calls are treated in the strictest confidence.

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Insolvency Investigations

On numerous occasions we have seen fraudsters attempt to conceal their dishonesty behind Insolvency Proceedings, and whether corporate or personal, we are specialists at preventing and detecting this type of dishonesty. Contact us.

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Corruption and Integrity Testing

Whether targeting particular individuals or as part and parcel of a wider integrity assurance initiative we can devise testing and assessments to ensure that your employees are acting honestly, within guidelines and with integrity at all times.

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Intellectual Property

We have acted on behalf of some of the world’s most recognisable brands in investigating and stopping the importation and sale of counterfeit goods which can harm both profits and reputation.

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Surveillance is a valuable investigative tool capable of providing deep insight into a targets lifestyle, life pattern and assets. We offer a full range of physical and technical surveillance options. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

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Asset Tracing

Is your target worth pursuing? What assets can you identify and protect at an early stage of your proceedings to ensure that they are legally preserved? An accurate assessment of the subjects’ net worth and the location of assets should be a priority at the commencement of any litigation. Contact us to discuss.

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People Tracing

We have developed specialist techniques for locating any individual, anywhere. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

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Litigation Support and Process Serving

Please contact us for your needs we can (and have) served process across the world.

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Intelligence and Investigation Services

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